Saturday, September 4, 2010

Our God is Greater...

I leaned against the leather interior of my brother's car as we made our daily commute to school. The static of Way FM began to engulf the station.

It usually hit right about here, somewhere around three fourths of the way to school. On most occasions Blake would reach over and change the station a sports talk show or something of the sorts, but today he didn't. I was glad because I'd rather listen to nothing then a sports talk show.

We reached a point where another station began to interrupt during the middle of a song. I found out, after a few minutes, that it was a news station. They were talking about the recent hurricane that goes by the name Earl. I didn't really pay much attention, I was more frustrated that Way FM had a terrible signal there.

The song Our God by Chris Tomlin came on. The other station began to compare hurricane Earl to Katrina. I couldn't make out much of either station, but I did make out something like this: "Our God is Greater..." "...hurricane Katrina was a catastrophe..." "...od is stronger, God you are higher then any other!" "Hurricane Earl is coming..." "...Awesome in power, our God, our God..."

I think the way that happened was more then a coincidence. God is greater then hurricanes, tornadoes, and everything else life throws our way.

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