Saturday, May 1, 2010

God's Plan

For those of you that live in middle Tennessee, you know of the storms and floods that took place on May 1st 2010. As you can see, I am posting this on May 1st, so the worst may still be yet to come. I don't know how many lives were lost, and many more may be lost as the day goes on, but most of us act as if God just felt mean today and decided to kill a few people. NO!!! That is not how life works! God has a plan. Every single event that takes place, in your life or someone else's, is all part of a master plan. If you lose your car to floods or a wreck, it's part of God's plan. If you lose you house in a tornado, that's part of God's plan. If you lose your ENTIRE family, that, too, is part of God's plan!

"No! That can't be! Logan is just making this up!" Nope, EVERYTHING that happens is part of God's master plan! I know it's hard to believe for some of you, but it is true.

Maybe no one really close to you has died, maybe you haven't been through hard times, so you can pretty easily say "I know it's all God's plan." But just wait. Most likely, you will face hard times in your life. Just see what you think then. "My God wouldn't do this to me! I thought He loved me!" He does, more then you can imagine. It's hard for us to see the big picture, but there is one, and it's absolutely phenomenal.

I've been referring to bad things that happen, and not to turn from God or get angry with Him, but what about the good times? Most of us will turn to God in our times of need, but what about when things are going great? Do you thank God for your life? A lot of us couldn't say that we do. Why is that?

"Oh, but God is there to help me, I don't need Him now, I can do it alone for now cause everything's going great! I'll pray and go to church when I need some help." Now, you may not say it or think it exactly that way, but that is your general idea. It's so easy for us to turn to God in our time of need, but somewhere in there we get the idea that we can get through life on our own as long as things are going well.

So, do you look to God all the time or only in your time of need, and in hard times do you look at the big picture or the troubles taking place now?

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