Saturday, May 15, 2010

Running in Your Walk

I was having a conversation through Facebook with one of my good friends in my youth group. We were talking about how much we had matured in our walk with Christ in the past year. She said something that was really cool. That was "...It reminds me that I have I have not walked, I have ran through my walk." Referring to her walk with God, of course. I began to wonder whether I was running or walking. I decided that what I should be doing is sprinting, not walking or running, sprinting. Why not? When you want to get somewhere fast you sprint, don't you? I know you drive most places, but in a race you want to go as fast as you possibly can. And, no, your walk with God is not a race, but I want to mature as fast as I can, so I'll be more willing to sacrifice all I have for Him. So, are you sprinting on your walk with God?

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