Friday, May 14, 2010

Plato and The Cave

Plato was a very wise man. He had a philosophy. In your life you were standing in a cave, behind you there was a fire. You see, on the wall, shadows bouncing around. You don't know what is making the shadows, they are just there. Take from this what you will, but he is saying that there is something greater that is making your life, or the shadows in this case. Until someone stands up and turns around, no one knows why the shadows are there. We as Christians should be the ones to stand up and see what is making the shadows. You don's see everything from God's perspective. He sees everything that's happening. You must step back and see the big picture before you start with the "my life sucks" and "why would God do this to me if he loves me?" Just take the time to get up and see what is making the shadow before you make any assumptions.

The way I said this may be a little confusing because I combined a few ideas. I have done this on purpose, I want you to think, not me just tell you something. We don't have enough thinking today. With all the technology now, you could live a regular life without thinking any. It's sad.

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