Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hear the Lyrics

I'm going to start posting, once a week or so, something called "Hear the Lyrics", and I'll basically just point out the lyrics to a specific song. The title will include "HTL" (Hear the Lyrics), so you will know which post they are.

Sometimes you sit there and you sing a song you hear on the radio and you sing and sing and sing. You call it your favorite song; you tell all your friends to buy it. It's almost always stuck in your head, but if I walked up to you and said "What is the meaning of that song anyway?" You may be able to tell me because, of course, the title mentions it! It's OK to listens to songs and just sing them, but next time a song comes on the radio, listen to it like you were listening to a story. I've had friends sing a song for weeks then realize it has an inappropriate meaning. On Christians songs, which is what I listen to most of the time, the meanings can be pretty, well, meaningful. Big surprise! Just take the time to hear the words of the song.

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