Thursday, April 15, 2010

Our Lives in His Hands

I was having a conversation over Facebook with a good friend in my youth group, and we got to talking about why everyone cares so much about what other people think. We both said that we thought the fear of other's judgments was the main thing keeping us from handing ourselves completely over to God. I brought up how stupid the things are that people do just to fit in! Why do we care how many friends we have, or what group of people we hang out in? I sent her a message saying:

"It's pretty dumb if you think about it. Why should we care what other people think? Why can't we all just realize that the judgment from earthly beings is nothing compared to how God sees you? It's so hard to comprehend how large God is, and I think that was His intention. If we all understood His magnificence then so many more people would be on their hands and knees before Him, but He wants us to make the decision ourselves, that we are willing to sacrifice everything we have for Him, even if we can't begin to imagine His holiness. People are destroying their own lives every day just so they can be part of a certain group! People do the stupidest things just to get their classmates to like them! It's crazy!"

She replied with:

"It is crazy. And the more time that passes the more I'm starting to see how stupid it is to want to give my life for earthly things and I'm starting to just let go of everything and give it to God. I want everything that is going on to be his, and I want my life in His hands."

That last line, "I want everything that is going on to be his, and I want my life in His hands.", stuck to my mind after I read it.

We rely so much on other people and earthly items to keep us safe when the safest place is in His hands. Is your life in his hands or wandering and lost in earthly bonds?

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