Friday, April 2, 2010

The Rushing Waters

The other day my class headed to the creek across a field from my school. A few weeks ago my principal found a beaver dam in the creek, and this was a surprise because he didn't even know there were beavers. A few weeks after he found the dam he found a dead beaver; someone had shot it! Well my principal wanted to know if there were more beavers left, so he decided we would tear a hole in the dam and see if they rebuilt it.

Well, we headed down there and my principal/teacher, a few other guys, and I started to tear a hole in the massive beaver dam. We pulled off a few smaller limbs then began pulling clumps of leaves and mud. The water began pouring over the dam, because the water was about a foot or two higher on the other side.

A kid in my class slipped on a rock and fell and was soaked from head to toe. After that three more people jumped in, keep in mind that we're all in our clothes. I was the third or fourth person in, and within five or ten minutes all but three or four people were drenched.

One of the things we were doing was letting ourselves "go with the flow" and be ripped down the water fall where the hole in the beaver dam was. The current was so fast that when we did this we wouldn't even be able to get back back up until you were a few yards down the river. This was annoying because the farther you went down the river the more you were scratched up. It wasn't too bad, but a few yards down stream the rocks became sharper and you could get scratched a little worse.

Another thing we were doing was sitting right where the hole in the dam was. This was pretty difficult because all the water was trying to rush out at this point.

When we were all letting ourselves "go with the flow" a kid in my class named Gray was standing on the shallow side of the dam and one time I went down and right as I was about to hit the place with sharper rocks, he reached down and grabbed my arm and stopped me and helped me up.

This is when I get to the biblical side of this story. When we were letting the tide carry us this relates to following the crowd. We knew we would get scratched up, but we enjoyed it anyway. When we were sitting right where the tide was, we were doing what we all do in our everyday lives, getting as close as we can to sinning but not going all the way. It's kind of like telling God "I won't disobey you, I'll just get as close as I possibly can then turn back." We may say this, but sometimes we still slip like I actually did, but Jesus is always there to stop us from going any farther, like when Gray reached out and stopped me from hitting the sharp rocks.

I love how almost everything in our daily lives can relate back to God. Think about it.

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